Santova Financial Services offers structured insurance solutions such as risk analysis and management. We aim to integrate risk management protocols into your corporate governance policies minimising both identifiable and unidentifiable losses.

We strive to build long-term business partnerships that will improve the bottom line of your business. Our asset insurance products provides protection and coverage against damage to assets owned by your company that includes movable and non-moveable assets.

Protection against damage to assets owned by a company:

Commercial Asset Insurance


Santova Financial Services offers comprehensive engineering solutions to safeguard against risks incurred during contract implementation and fulfilment. We are also able to offer your business various financial facilities within this industry, including performance, retention and advanced payment guarantees as well as bid bonds.

Safeguard against risks incurred during contract fulfilment:

Commercial Insurance Engineering Coverage


Santova Financial Services offers insurance solutions for liability against third parties. We offer a wide spectrum of cover such as cyber liability, directors and officers liability, general liability and professional indemnity.

Structured insurance solutions for risk analysis and management:

Commercial Insurance Engineering Coverage including Plat all risk, construction and contract works


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